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„I´m not dream-stealer, I´m more of dream-protector..“

MUDr. Klára Sekyrová,    
MUDr. Leopold Sedláček

Aero-medical examiners authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority  - category AME R.

Class 1 medical Certificates

  • renewal only, revalidation
  • transport pilot ATPL, commercial pilot CPL

Class 2 medical certificates

  • renewal including initial exam
  • Private pilot of airplanes PPL, helicopters PPL H, gliders GLD, SPL, balloons BPL
  • CC flight attendant

LAPL and SLZ medical certificates

  • Pilots of light aircraft LAPL, ultralight aircraft ULL, paraglide pilots, hang gliders and skydivers

We also make ECG examination and Audiometry.

Aero-medical examiner for private pilots Aero-medical examiner for private helicopter pilots Aviation Physician for Private Glider Pilots Aero-medical examiner for private balloon pilots Aviation Parachutists

What do I need for the exam?

  • proof of identity
  • pilot license (if you already have one)
  • Level 2 medical certificate (if you already have one)
  • glasses or contact lenses
  • Nursing Report (if you suffer from a more serious illness)
  • completed forms ( ... which forms? )

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Forms in English

Price List

Class 1 (renewal and revalidation)
CZK 2 200
Class 1 - renewal and revalidation including Audiometry exam
CZK 3 200
Class 2 - Private Pilot (PPL), Glider Pilot (SPL), LAPL and Balloon (initial release)
CZK 1 500
Class 2 - Private Pilot (PPL), Glider Pilot (SPL), LAPL and Balloon (extend / renew)
CZK 1 000
Class 2 - Private Pilot (PPL) - examination extended by audiometry (only for IFR) (renewal and revalidation)
CZK 1 500
cabin crew (initial issue / extension / renewal)
CZK 1 500
Class 2 - Ultralight pilot, paraglider, hang glider and pilot of other sport flying equipment
CZK 500
Audiometric examination on request outside the regular examination
CZK 500
Consultation of acute problems
For free

Cash payments and payment card are accepted, payments using QR are also accepted, but we prefer cashpayments. It is also possible to pay in euro and zloty according to the current exchange rate, I return only in crowns.

MUDr. Klára Sekyrová

MUDr. Klára Sekyrová

My decision to become an Aeromedical Examiner is primarily to help those who love to fly to achieve and protect their dreams.

My name is Klara Sekyrova and a predominant part of my childhood memories belong to the Aeroclub, Krnov, which was and still is my second home and where my father and grandfather took me almost every weekend as a child. I was often fortunate on these weekends as members of the Aeroclub would often take me as a passenger on site seeing flights. Our family has deep roots in aviation. My grand uncle was a military pilot, my grandfather flew from the Aeroclub with a glider pilot named Orlik, and my grandfather in turn taught my father to love flying. My father became President of the Aeroclub and he in turn passed the love of flying on to me, “to love the air”.

Anyone who has ever become a member of the Aeroclub knows they have to work very hard to do so to earn “their place in the sun”. As a young girl I worked to help pilots in assembling gliders, holding wings during takeoff, measuring the time etc., and in return as a reward for my efforts and work well done a club member would take me in flight up above the clouds and slowly but surely my love for wings and flying began to grow.

This is the reason why, and not surprisingly so, that I decided to earn my Glider Pilots licence at the young age of fourteen. Subsequently, I joined a team of gliders flying cross country flights in their one seaters and further decided, in my youthful imprudence, to complete basic Skydiving training. On reaching the age to do so my dream from the very beginning of this journey came true, to fly a single-engine ZLIN-143 plane.

As fate would have it, I decided to study Medicine and after graduation I practiced for several years at the General University Hospital in Prague and the University Hospital in Motol. I was certified as a Paediatrician, and as such I not only enjoyed this work as a Paediatrician but the on hands practical work gave me a depth of experience and education the result of which pushed me forward in this field of Medicine.

In conjunction, the love of flying never left me, Medicine did not overshadow it, but the two meshed seamlessly together, one to the other. Therefore, becoming an Aeromedical Examiner is the solution for me, a long time in the making, to be involved in both Flying and Medicine simultaneously, but most importantly to help those sky lovers as I do and to help them achieve and protect their dreams.